It’s unfortunate, but true –

Fraud and cybercrime are issues that have become all too common in recent years. This is especially true for highly successful individuals and families.
To help you combat and prevent these growing risks, we are excited to offer a new coverage offering from PURE Insurance—PURE Starling™.
PURE Starling™ will help to protect and prevent against forgery, identity fraud, criminal deception and more. Learn more about the risks below.

Social Engineering

If your authorized account user—such as a personal assistant or family office manager—is deceived into wiring money from your account.

Unauthorized Transfer or Payment

If a credit card transaction, bank payment or wire transfer is made without your authorization.

Criminal Deception

If you are deceived into making a payment or providing something else of value.

Forgery or Alteration of Checks

If someone dishonestly forges your signature or adjusts check amounts in financial circumstances.

Acceptance of Counterfeit Money

If you accidentally accept money that is counterfeit or invalid.

Identity Fraud

If someone steals your personal information and utilizes it to gain a financial or personal advantage.
To learn more about cybercrime and fraud insurance, or to determine if PURE Starling™ is a good fit for you and your family, contact our insurance experts today!
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This exclusive PDF guide explores fraud and cybercrime risks, and outlines how PURE Starling™ coverage can protect you from these risks.

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