A track record of smart advice since 1844.

People say that you should never forget where you came from, and at Evarts Tremaine we live by that philosophy every day. We strive to offer the same caring, friendly service today, as we did on the very first day.
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clients counseled in 48 states
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Evarts Tremaine was founded in 1844. Today, Evarts Tremaine counsels clients in 48 states and is an equity partner in Keystone, the largest privately held partnership in the United States.


We elevate the insurance experience by collaborating with our clients to replace confusion with control.  We exceed expectations by personalizing every customer relationship.


Be empathetic and always do the right thing.

Be the solution and make someone’s day.

Be a team player.

We work better together. Don’t be afraid to step up and offer to help.

Act now to be better tomorrow.

Be exceptional. Continuously improve our professional knowledge and skills to create a positive service experience.

Love what you do.

Embrace your challenges and celebrate your success.

Make it happen.

Solve the problem, don’t accept it.

Think like a Clevelander.

Nothing is given. Everything is earned. Clevelanders never back down and always persevere.